.RS - Republic of Serbia
.ME - Republic of Montenegro
(Former parts of Yugoslavia)
Formerly .YU and .CS Country Codes.

Country Code Domain Name Extension Directory

The .yu country code extension is obsolete, and the .cs extension it replaced is also obsolete, replaced by .rs and .me for the (now) seperate countries of Serbia and Montenegro. The .rs registrar is not yet online. The .me registrar went online in mid 2008 and information can be found here.

The below information applies more to the .yu extension, although the new registrars may follow the same pattern. The old (cg.yu) domain names are being migrated into .me domains, it is unclear what will happen to .cs domains if any. .Yu owners who reside in Serbia will probably be required to migrate to .rs domains when they become available.

Location: South Eastern Europe, formerly parts of Yugoslavia.

Domain Name availability: only local (Yugoslav) companies and organizations were accepted. No individual persons.

Registry: www.nic.yu/ . This website is not responding.

Second level extensions in .yu were: .ac.yu (higher education), .edu.yu (secondary education), .co.yu (corporations), .org.yu (organisations regional and governmental). .CG.yu was for residents of Montenegro, there undoubtedly was a second level extension for Serbia, also.

Notes: On September 26, 2006 the ISO added .rs and .me to the ISO 3166-1:1997 list, replacing .yu and .cs. No registrar is yet open for .rs. .Me opens in 2008 information: here.

The information here is mostly from the now closed nic.yu website.

One and two letter names were permissable in .yu. Maximum length was 30 characters, no IDN characters. Agencies of the government could apply for .yu without second level extension.

"Only companies and organizations located in Yugoslavia are (were) eligible to apply for a domain name. Individuals are not eligible to obtain a domain name. Only ONE domain per one registrant is allowed."

"Domain name registration for foreign companies and organisations are (were) allowed if and only if they have official representatives located in Yugoslavia." quotes from nic.yu .

Domain Name transfers were not possible.

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(What is?) Versions of the name of the country: .rs - Republic of Serbia - .me - Republic of Montenegro (formerly the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)