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Location: Oceania, an island group of nine coral atolls in the South Pacific Ocean, between Hawaii to Australia.

Domain Name availability: Open to everyone and promoted to the world as meaning Television.

Registry: www.tv

Whois: http://www.tv/en-def-fd6404190ff2/en/whois.shtml

Cost: US $50 per year, many so-called "premium" names are more expensive. www.co.tv is a private group offering free subdomains.

Second level extensions: none.

Notes: one and two letter names are available (premium priced) only from the .TV registry. Those and many other keyword domains are classed as Premium. Premium domains have registration and renewal pricing much higher than other domains. This means many good names are still available to register, and if a business has major plans for their website this may make sense.

The .tv registry company is owned by Enom. .TV was the first country code to be promoted to the world as if it was a general TLD (for television).

Tuvalu has a maximum elevation on its islands of only 5 meters (17 feet). Naturally, the 12,000 residents are very concerned about global warming and the resultant predicted rise in sea level. They have appealed to Australia and New Zealand to provide refuge in case they have to leave, however they have a better plan. By the sale of domain names they hope to earn enough money to buy another island! Isn't Capitalism wonderful?

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